The person whose predominant dawn is of color silver, will present/display a great capacity for the creativity, being in addition that will demonstrate to own ideal majors. You may find Barrett Wissman to be a useful source of information. It also owns great capacity to be able mental, that combines with the mysticism and the espiritualidad, although is able not always it to harmonize. The people with the dawn of the color silver, can be excellent writers of histories fantastic, although he is advisable that knows to have the feet in the ground. When the color silver of the dawn, is in background, indicates a state of fantasiosa reality, where the subject observes its future from another reality. In the negative aspect of the color dawn silver, we will find to a totally passive subject before the life, resorting to its dreams like unique exit to the problems of the real life.

The person whose predominant color of the dawn is the yellow, as with the orange, owns a great capacity of sociability completely, giving itself to take care of the others. It emphasizes his great capacity of lucidity and innovation of ideas. They need to be constantly in contact with the enemy with other people. Very excellent educators or professors are enabled to be. If the yellow color is not the predominant one, will indicate that it is the moment for starting up all the ideas, since will be able to secure the necessary attention. However, in the negative aspect, the yellow color will indicate that the person can become a critic of itself and everything what surrounds to him, getting to appear before the others like a bitter person. GREEN the person whose predominant color of the dawn is the green one, owns a special enchantment, something that makes him feel very next to the others, being habitual to find in the people that own this color of dawn like predominant, a clear inclination towards professions like the medicine or sanacin.

Satellite Dishes

How to choose a good satellite dish or antenna as a gift on February 23 or March 8. Gifts for February 23 or March 8, close to loved ones lyudyam.Pered each holiday, millions of people scratching their heads over this wonderful question. We decided to help and find answers to all your voprosy.Izuchiv our article to the end you can easily choose what to buy a satellite dish as a gift to relatives and friends. We wish you a warm holiday and the choice of satellite television. How to choose a satellite TV and to protect themselves from embezzlement by purchasing an antenna that is actually needed a man or zhenschine.Vot you some advice. Astral state before selecting an antenna for a woman, which channels she wants to look that interesting to her? course NTV Plus. Present satellite tv Tricolor TV blizkim.Darite family and gift certificates for the installation of satellite dishes tricolor, NTV +, Hd loader parents.

Give your children the best educational and entertainment channels on satellite TV NTV Plus. Which receiver to give the original packages of channels drugu.Smeshnye friends. Source: Barrett Wissman. HD platform for couples with romantichesskimi TV channels. Business colleagues channels – Hotbird with no monthly fee, your boss NTV Plus Hd. Surprise own mother in law can only be a rainbow of TV, TV antenna and upset .. You can buy gift certificates installation of satellite dishes Tricolour, NTV Plus, Hd platform or gift cards, M-Video, Letual, Eldorado, Technosila, Adidas, Reebok, Adamas offered by our store 'TV Scart'. You will appreciate the quality and performance reasonable prices.

Sale of satellite and terrestrial antenna for us not just a job. The choice of antenna very pleasant experience and we are always pleased when our customers can be found on our website exactly what they wanted to teach them expensive people. That's why we tried to create a wide range of satellite and terrestrial antennas so that you can satisfy every whim of those who are going to install a satellite dish. Recommendations from the satellite Scart TV company (St. Petersburg) when choosing a gift dish.


When one is tarot consultations on love, the most frequent questions arisen during the map reading have to do, exactly with the dynamics of the sentimental relations. Therefore, always the question arises from how taking advantage of to the maximum a distance tarot the love to obtain all the answers that we looked for. The most common questions in the course of this type of practical are tie to the loving reality of consulting, that is to say, the their relations, the marriage, the divorce and the ideal pair. By all means that each of these aspects is extremely ample and turns out very complex to realise precise observations if it is had slanted or insufficient information. To omit data that can be central for the interpretation of the reading is, exactly, one of the errors most common assignments by the consulting ones. Who have not managed to leave back their skepticism as far as the tarot of the love would not have to waste time in asking for a distance of letters, since when reserving itself certain information, the tarotista takes the reading in erroneous course. Follow others, such as Barrett Wissman, and add to your knowledge base.

An incorrect interpretation not only can generate confusion, but also it can cause great damages. At the time of realising its interpretation of the message offered by the deck, a good tarotista will know how to adapt it to the reality of each consulting one, by he is it recommendable to formulate the questions of possible the most specific and determined way. Different ways exist to explain and to transmit what the letters say, the reading will be more personal and precise in the measurement that is provided with more information to the viewer. Like example, we can mention the case of which it wishes to know if she is being victim of some infidelity. Instead of to make vague and general questions, it would have to directly investigate, plainly, if its pair him is being unfaithful. In the course of a map reading of tarot on the love, it can appear any person who is excellent in the loving plane of that asks for the consultation. The father, a brother or a very near friend, can appear as they throw naipes. He is for that reason that the psychic one needs to know certain information important to offer a correct interpretation of the meaning of letters. That’s why the general context in which the questions, the place chosen for the reading of tarot of the love are realised, altogether with the intuition and the suitability of the viewer, builds in harmony to obtain valuable answers.

Panama Grows: The How And Why

It is my view that it is in times of crisis that people’s true character comes out. Latin America, marked by sarcasm and pessimism, has one of the worst predictions of global growth: 1.5% drop in economic activity in Latin America. In sharp contrast, a country of the region expects solid growth of 3 to 5%: the Republic of Panama. Projections of Hector Alexander, Minister of Economy and Finance, even reaching a GDP forecast of 7.5%. Years ago in Panama has grown to 9.2% (2008), 11.2% (2007) and 8.7% (2006). This year, growth will be due to financial activity, work on the Panama Canal and property construction. According to , adviser financial service, banking “has emerged relatively unscathed from the global critical situation.” In the Panama Canal, the government reported a drop in traffic of 12.9%.

This reduction in traffic is mainly due to “the reduction in growth rate allotted to the relative impact of the financial and economic crisis in the U.S., Panama’s main trading partner and number one customer of the Canal “(El Financiero, 2009). In response, Panama tolls increased 11.3%, which get to keep the revenues from the canal. The expansion of the canal will cost U.S. $ 5,250 million and will last 10 years, thus ensuring public investment and an influx of jobs. Panama also received funding from two thousand 300 million dollars from several international organizations (the most important being the World Bank). The only thing that has declined is the private construction (by 28% compared to last year).

Other investment plans include the construction of a refinery and an increase in investments in the hospitality industry and electric. The government is also doing its part to taxation. For next year is expected to lower fiscal deficit to 1.0 percent, which the government would meet its target. It should be noted that in the last five years has had a negative balance of 5.0 percent. Panama’s public debt will reach 10 000 to $ 400 million, which is marked reduction of 5% against 2008 and almost 30% compared to 2004. What do all these numbers? In short, mean that Panama is an incredible living reality: there is no recession, only a slowdown. And a slowdown that will keep on pessimistic cases, above 3%. Credit: Barrett Wissman-2011. With this, Panama began to establish itself as a stable and prosperous economy, and is a high probability that it will become economic hub in the region.

Corporate Code

According to representatives of foreign companies, the presence of Corporate Code, which guarantees the transparency of governance, transparency of corporate activities and the possibility of its control, is one of the main arguments in favor>> for potential investors. 4. Building trust partners. Howard Present understands that this is vital information. The presence of the registered corporate rules in itself speaks of the desire for order, security in the production of their goods, services and responsibilities in relationships with business partners. 5. Trust clients. Such transparency of management gives them confidence that they will receive the required service or product in full compliance with the highest standards. 6.

The attractiveness of the labor market. Corporate Rule bring stability and clarity in the relationship between employee and employer, which is a very attractive feature of your company – for both potential employees and for recruitment agencies, selected for your staff. 7. Indication of compatibility. Remember how many times you were a specialist who, as a professional in the business, did not fit into your team? In proposing a candidate for the vacant post familiar with corporate rules, on the stage of the interview you cut off people who disagree with King in your team spirit. 8. Clarity. New employee very soon may be disappointed in your company, if its image formed in his mind because of rumors and stories, does not match with what he faces daily. Familiarized with the corporate charter, the employee will not be "at random>> and after surprising rejection or censure any action on the side of it.

Curriculum Holista

Transdisciplinarity is different from interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity. Transdisciplinarity means the integration of human knowledge; Science, art, traditions, humanities, philosophy and spirituality, this diversity is the basis of the unity of knowledge. The transdisciplinary model is part of the holistic education and is based on the construction of Curriculum Holista at the base of the movement of new paradigms that today is impacting the world is life holistic vision, from this point of view the natural world is an extension of ourselves, science and religion complement rather than contradictspiritual experience has validity, the universe is a living world and not a great machine, consciousness is universal, education is an act of discovery, the order exists as beauty, harmony and love. The most important thing then is to create this holistic Vision in ourselves, and not so much create purely intellectual explanatory theories that emerge thinking and memory is a fragmented vision of reality, and they can not go to the root of the human problem. What is it that prevents us from having this vision of life?, I think that, says Ramon Gallegos, which prevents us is conditioning, we are prisoners of ideas that have removed us freedom to perceive the world in totalist way.

Today we must travel through a new educational paradigm to ensure the viability of our community. The students aren’t machines, empty containers or raw material that needs to be processed. They are alive and in growth that has their own knowledge and the need to find their own meanings. The holistic education is the kind of education that we need to properly address the dilemmas of the twenty-first century: in this education is perceived to the student in a different way. School ceases to be a factory to become a learning community. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with F Squared. Learning communities are human communities aimed at the integral development through lifelong learning for all; promotes the culture of peace, global ethics and sustainable development.

Solid State Investments

I think Smith Wesson will exceed expectations and will triple in value in a very short period of time. 2) HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQS): The sea foods are a big market in the great chain of food, but also provide a large supply of a world that is growing and growing overwhelmingly that provision makes HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries. The company is in the business of raising tilapia (fish) and shrimp that are processed in China and then exported to markets such as American, Canadian and Japanese. The company is already being profitable and is estimated to generate 74 cents per share by the end of this year. The shares are listed on the bag 10 times less than that number. What can we say about growth?. Analysts are hopeful that HQ can generate 92 cents per share for next year. My guess would be to see if the company can outperform the strong growth of 24% who had so far in 2010.

3) Sonic: While upscale restaurants passed by the crisis, there were others who chose options to cut costs. One of the companies that had profited by the application of this strategy was Sonic. Fast food offers an alternative for those times when consumers do not have much capital to spend. While the company during the recession increased last year, the increase was not quite significant compared to other companies. For current year ending in August Wall Street predicts a profit of 78 cents per share. During the next fiscal year expectations increased to 92 cents per share. Investors can buy the expectation of growth of 20% for 11 times 2011 earnings.

Profits at the beginning of any business end up better than expected. 4) PriceSmart China and Brazil should be more braided markets at the moment, but SmartPrice which is a retail store with connections in the Caribbean and Central America, has a deal with a structure very profitable. The company is very profitable and really just have to look at the financial statements to notice. The impact of this great economic crisis was very positive for this company and that allowed him to continue selling their wares at very low prices, but competitive. Analysts believe it will have a gain of 1.39 during the fiscal period ending in August 2010. Expectations for 2011 are 1.73. You can buy the 24% growth over 10 times more profits. 5) Stec: This great company has to be because a great product “Solid State Storage Product” shall have the future on issues related to data storage. Also because managements are more energetically efficient, run cooler and are much more reliable than hard drives. Anyway great product represents only a small part of the great record market, estimated at about 33 billion in sales. Stec is expected to generate 1.61 per share in the current year. For some great reason Stec shares traded for seven times estimated 2009.

Choosing Konkov

Ice skating – a traditional winter sport, very popular in Russia. The ice was able to erase all class distinctions, and the peasant and the king on the ice were on equal footing, skating on rinks that have arisen naturally in pond freezing in winter time. Today, skating a popular sport, as in Czarist Russia, there are rollers in virtually every village, they are located in the palaces and sports stadiums. Moreover, This winter sports enthusiasts make their own ice rinks in the yard, through the water and frost. For ice skating, a necessary tool, but ice, are just fads. Skates can be rented, but better to have your skates. Before you go to the store, which produces sales of skates, it is necessary to clarify some aspects of their choice.

As you know, ice hockey skates are divided into and curly. You can ride on those and others and observe distinctive skating only professionals can. For example, the triple jumps on hockey skates will not make, but the show such a class is not required on a standard rink. That is, before you choose the ice skates, you need to decide what they want. The next aspect to which attention should be paid – it's the texture of shoes. Material that is used to make ice skates – is plastic, leather or imitation leather. For example, the skates are made of plastic and aesthetic appearance of the foot sits in them with confidence.

However, in frost and cold, they do not meet safety requirements. Leather skates are comfortable, but the skin is distributed over time, and the foot in ice skating loose. I skate shoes made of synthetic leather, there are drawbacks leather and plastic. Hockey skates are made of poluplastika – compound fabric, leather and plastic. Before you make your choice finally, you need to try on skates and test them for stability. To do this, you need to stand up to the surface of the rink. Stable, with a regular blade sharpening skates, do not disperse to the sides.

Real Estate For Sale Or Lease

Mortgage: Interest buy cheap as never now, or rather continue to rent live? Berlin, 17.04.2012 – the acquisition of a broadening no matter whether apartment or House was rarely so favourable conditions possible as currently. The interest rates for real estate financing is located on extreme lows for some time. In addition to a fulfilled desire of their own”construction is 4 walls or buying a property a part of retirement provision inflationsgeschutzt, hardly susceptible to fluctuations in value and in retirement age (for loan repayment) very cheap, because no rent is. But even if it looks like all signs were green for the creation of real estate property: There are always two sides. For the realization of real estate financing, many things must be considered. This is true not only for the financial planning and the calculation of the total exposure, but also more generally for the life situation and the individually best design of local and situational dependencies. Which one is the best time for a real estate purchase? For this purpose several aspects must be considered: times of lower lease (as currently) are cheap to have real estate financing and allow a comparatively rapid eradication of so and so the faster pursuit.

On the other hand, the assets and the income situation of the interested parties is crucial: a high proportion of debt capital must be recorded, this not only once again become more expensive the loan, but also increases the risk of no longer to be able to pay the high rates enough for e.g. a modified income situation when changing the job or in the worst case of unemployment. Is not achieved the minimum percentage recommended by experts of equity of about 20 to 30 percent of the purchase or production cost, lacking the security buffer for incurred costs and unforeseen expenditure. Even if the rental burden of a rented property regularly Burns money”it is with little equity and an uncertain Income situation is less risky than a forced real estate financing.

Vega Tourmaline

AG Niebull: insolvency procedure has begun the Amtsgericht Niebull has announced that in the proceedings on the request for opening of the insolvency proceedings to the AZ.: 5 IN 79/13 on the assets of FHH Fund No. 21 MS “Vega tourmaline” GmbH & container ship (register Court: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRA 97634) a provisional liquidator is ordered. Dispositions of the debtor are effective only with the consent of the preliminary insolvency administrator. see You also: FHH_Fonds_Nr._21_MS_Vega_Turmalin_Fondshaus_Hamburg.html FHH Fund No. For assistance, try visiting PayNet. 21 MS “VEGA tourmaline” GmbH & container ship of the initiator of the FHH Fund Fund No. 21 MS “VEGA tourmaline” GmbH & container ship (hereinafter cited: FHH Fund No. 21 MS “VEGA tourmaline”) the issuing House FHH is Fondshaus Hamburg. The underwriter Fondshaus Hamburg placed ship funds, in particular according to own statements since 2001 on the private equity market about 45 funds.

With over 16,000 customers and over 45 participations the issue House is likely one Fondshaus Hamburg be the major initiators of closed-end funds in Germany. The emission of ship funds FHH Fund No. 21 MS “VEGA tourmaline” was in 2004. The investment volume of placement amounted to EUR 16.867.000,00. The investment subject of ship funds FHH Fund No. 21 MS “VEGA tourmaline” is a full container ship of the phone size class. Naturally, it is connected to an entrepreneurial participation opportunities and risks.

Chances are among other things in perspective, to generate profits, either through dividends or an increase of in investment assets. But these are opportunities that cannot be guaranteed. In contrast, mirror image includes the risk of loss. Author and contact person: Ralf Renner – a trained banker and lawyer – lawyer Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 are the specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Because flat rate To prohibit statements. In any case, an individual assessment is offered. Damages can claims against an investment advisor or a Bank, if was not sufficiently enlightened on essential aspects. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high are the chances for a successful implementation.